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UX Job Interviews

An ultimate guide to design job interviews with example answers, common mistakes, and questions YOU should ask your future employer

The final step to getting hired

Congratulations! 👏 You’re invited to the job interview. It means that your skills and portfolio already made a great impression!
Recruitment path
Recruitment path

You don’t know where to start?

Design job interview process is complex and may be overwhelming. We will guide you step-by-step on how to approach it and be successful.

Feeling overwhelmed with different types of interviews?

You will understand different types of interviews and how to approach them to increase your chances of success.

Want to learn how to correctly answer the most popular questions?

We will show you strategies on how to approach those questions supported by the example answers.

Unsure about the requirements and what to focus on?

We will provide you with actionable steps (interview checklist) you need to take to prepare for each interview.

Struggling to understand what hiring managers pay attention to?

We will explain what to pay attention to to ‘check off’ all the boxes on your hiring manager’s interview sheet.

Here’s your plan

Course curriculum


Strategy for getting ready

  • About the interview process
  • Interview prep in 3 steps
  • Pre-interview checklist


Guidelines for every type of interview

  • Screening
  • Portfolio presentation
  • Hiring manager screen
  • Technical interview
  • Collaboration and culture fit
  • Take-home task
  • Live design session (whiteboard exercise)

Questions & Answers

Popular questions with example answers and common mistakes

  • Past projects and experiences
    • Tell us about your favourite project
    • Tell us about your worst project
    • Biggest success and failure
  • About you
    • Why are you a good fit for this role?
    • Define what would it mean to be successful and to fail in this role?
    • What is your design process?
    • Where do you find inspiration?
    • What are your biggest career goals?
  • General / Technical
    • What is UX?
    • What research methods do you use?
    • Examples of good UX (your favourite app or product)
    • How would you improve the UX of our product?
  • Behavioural
    • Describe your ideal work environment
    • How do you respond to negative feedback?
    • Tell us about the last time you’ve experienced conflict at work
    • How did you improve the team collaboration in your last project?
    • What are the challenges of remote work and how you address them?

Questions YOU should ask

Learn how to detect green and red flags about the company and the team

  • What you want to learn (your objectives)

Questions for:

  • Everyone
  • Design Team
  • Your future Manager
  • CEO / CTO / CPO

Bonus: Lessons & Tips

Things I wish I knew at the beginning of my career about the hiring process

  • It’s a surprise!

We’re keeping the content of this chapter a secret 🤐

You will learn how to...

Optimise your efforts and spend time on what really matters during the interviews

Be confident

...during the interviews and the whole recruitment process because of your level of preparation.

Stand out the crowd of other Design candidates who compete for the same job.

Be spot-on

...with your answers and how you present yourself and your work to your future team.

Course preview

Watch example lessons before joining the course. This is just a teaser. We have way more content for you to enjoy 😎

01: Preparation

😎 Interview prep in 3 steps

03: Questions & Answers

😳 Tell us about your worst project

Meet your instructor

Learn directly from my experiences as a mentor and hiring team member
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Hi, I’m Alicja!

I’m a Product Designer with over 8 years of experience supporting multimillion-dollar SaaS companies in delivering top industry products to their customers. I’ve mentored 100s of students of design bootcamps like DesignLab, CareerFoundry and CodersLab. I’m a founder of Outdraw Design, Outdraw Academy, and Design Debt 101.

Over my career, I had a chance to get to know the design recruitment process as a candidate, as a mentor and as a hiring team member. I’m proud to say that I’ve prepared 100s of design students for their job search, reviewed over 1000 portfolios and interviewed 100s of candidates from different disciplines.

As a result from working with design candidates from all levels, I’ve discovered what holds them back and what are the typical mistakes they make.

I’ve created a guide I wish I had when starting my design career. It prepares you for the interview process, answers the most common questions, and prevents you from making typical mistakes. This program synthesises the best strategies I learned from coaching design students, interviewing designers, and my experiences as a candidate.

When you enroll, you’ll get...

Video tutorials and course materials for every Student
Course content

🍪 The bite-sized video tutorials

The course material is divided into short easy-to-consume chunks. Every lesson contains detailed step-by-step instructions that help you implement the new knowledge.


✅ Summaries and Checklists

Every lesson contains written summary and resources to empower you to take action immediately. You will be able to use provided templates and task checklists to make immediate progress.

Get ready for your next job interview

Join the course today and 10x your chances of getting hired
  • Lifetime access to the course plus all future updates
  • 35+ video tutorials
  • Answers to 17 the most popular interview questions
  • Pre-interview checklist
  • Written summary of each lesson
  • Access to Notion course workbook
UX Job Interviews Sprint

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