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5-day Portfolio Masterclass

Level up your Product Design (UX) Portfolio in 5 easy steps
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Your portfolio better than ever

Invest in your portfolio and approach it’s growth as the most successful Senior Designers


Adjusting selected details and structure will make your portfolio scannable, memorable and concise.

Correct mistakes

Eliminate the usual errors and misconceptions that keep the UX portfolios from getting traction.

Focus on impact

Make the business case for your projects and show your work’s impact by connecting it to high-level goals.

Masterclass version 2.0

Refreshed content and a bonus lesson about generating ideas for portfolio projects.
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Follow this 5-day plan

Course curriculum

Project Inventory

Take the inventory of your projects

  • Audit your work
  • How to choose portfolio projects?
  • How to spot high-quality projects?


Include project goals & company goals

  • Why to include goals in your case study?
  • Formulate goals correctly
  • How to optimise for impact?

Design Process

Show your design process

  • Showing design process
  • Focus on challenges
  • Create a balanced narrative.

Text & Structure

Working with copy and layouts

  • Improve the scannability
  • Make the case study engaging

Mockups & Visuals

Creating impactful visual assets

  • Present mockups and visuals
  • How to provide just enough context?
  • How to guide viewers' attention?

Bonus lesson

Generating ideas for portfolio projects

  • Formula to generating ideas for projects
  • Common mistakes
  • Executing personal projects

Meet your instructor

Learn directly from my experiences as a mentor and hiring team member
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Hi, I’m Alicja!

I’m a Product Designer with over 8 years of experience supporting multimillion-dollar SaaS companies in delivering top industry products to their customers. I’ve mentored 100s of students of design bootcamps like DesignLab, CareerFoundry and CodersLab. I’m a founder of Outdraw Design, Outdraw Academy, and Design Debt 101.

Over my career, I had a chance to get to know the design recruitment process as a candidate, as a mentor and as a hiring team member. I’m proud to say that I’ve prepared 100s of design students for their job search, reviewed over 1000 portfolios and interviewed 100s of candidates from different disciplines.

As a result from working with design candidates from all levels, I’ve discovered what holds them back and what are the typical mistakes they make.

I’ve created a guide I wish I had when starting my design career. It prepares you for the interview process, answers the most common questions, and prevents you from making typical mistakes. This program synthesises the best strategies I learned from coaching design students, interviewing designers, and my experiences as a candidate.

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The course material is divided into short easy-to-consume chunks. Every lesson contains detailed step-by-step instructions that help you implement the new knowledge.


✅ Summaries and Checklists

Every lesson contains written summary and resources to empower you to take action immediately. You will be able to use provided templates and task checklists to make immediate progress.

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5-day Portfolio Masterclass



No subscriptions, no hidden fees.

5-day Portfolio Masterclass



No subscriptions, no hidden fees.