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Outstanding UX Portfolio

Create a professional Product Design (UX) Portfolio website that will impress potential employers and win you your dream opportunities

Create a professional portfolio

You’re about to plan, design and build your very own industry-standard portfolio website 😎


  • Select the right projects
  • Draft your case studies
  • Follow our portfolio and case study checklists
  • Craft your unique message based on your unfair advantage


  • Speed up your process with our Figma template optimised for UX portfolios and case studies
  • Structure the main page and the master case study
  • Customise the site and adjust it to your personal brand


  • Take your design from Figma to Webflow
  • Add interactions and animations
  • Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Connect your custom domain and take your website live

Portfolio is your most valuable 💎 asset

1on1 sessions with Alicja that will help you experience the recruitment process in safe environment and get feedback about your answers.

🔑 Key component

A portfolio is a key component during the Product Design recruitment process. It is usually a must-have for individual contributors.

😻 First impression

Your portfolio is often the first thing that recruiters and hiring managers see. It’s your introduction, and an opportunity to give a good first impression

😵 A make or break

No matter how good your CV and experience are, if your portfolio does not meet the bar, there is no possibility of moving forward in the recruitment process.

🧪 Optimised

In addition, your portfolio needs to be optimised since you don’t have a lot of time to grab their attention. It takes a couple of minutes for the recruiter to do the initial scan of your portfolio

🏃 Separate skillset

The art of building a portfolio is separate from the Product Designer skillset. Building case studies is about storytelling, synthesis, distilling information, and providing context.

🌟 Standing out

There is a big pool of Designers with low-quality portfolios, and there is a small group with high-quality portfolios. If you’re competing for the same jobs, being in the high-quality group puts you at a significant advantage.

We’ll guide you through the whole process

Course curriculum


  • Introduction: scannable, memorable and concise
  • Optimise your portfolio for hiring managers
  • Your unique message (unfair advantages)
  • Choose the right projects
  • Not enough projects? Discover our Design Brief Generator


  • Elements of a UX portfolio (Portfolio checklist)
  • Draft your home page content
  • Must-have’s of every case study (Case study checklist)
  • Draft your case studies
  • AI tools for better copy

Case studies

  • Introduce the project
  • Problem space (problem, goals, research, etc.)
  • Solution space (design, testing, results, etc.)
  • How to present the visual assets
  • Polish your case studies content

Design in Figma

  • How to use our Figma template
  • Create an optimised hero section
  • Case studies list with stunning thumbnails
  • Additional elements (about you, process, contact, call to action)
  • Design master case study template

Build in Webflow

  • Take your design from Figma to Webflow
  • Add interactions and animations
  • Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Optimise for SEO and connect your custom domain
  • Connect your custom domain
  • Polish, test and launch your portfolio
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Add Cookie banner (GDPR compliant)
  • Share your portfolio

Bonus: Lessons & Tips

Things I wish I knew at the beginning of my career about building my portfolio

  • Top 10 mistakes to avoid
  • 3 techniques to take your portfolio to the next level

What makes an outstanding portfolio?

Imagine having a portfolio that meets the high-quality bar of your dream company


Perfect for those who want to receive individualised attention and provide you with guidance and support you need to achieve success.


We will focus on identifying your specific goals and creating a plan that is tailored to your unique needs and objectives.


We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Meet your instructor

Learn directly from my experiences as a mentor and hiring team member
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Hi, I’m Alicja!

I’m a Product Designer with over 8 years of experience supporting multimillion-dollar SaaS companies in delivering top industry products to their customers. I’ve mentored 100s of students of design bootcamps like DesignLab, CareerFoundry and CodersLab. I’m a founder of Outdraw Design, Outdraw Academy, and Design Debt 101.

Over my career, I had a chance to get to know the design recruitment process as a candidate, as a mentor and as a hiring team member. I’m proud to say that I’ve prepared 100s of design students for their job search, reviewed over 1000 portfolios and interviewed 100s of candidates from different disciplines.

As a result from working with design candidates from all levels, I’ve discovered what holds them back and what are the typical mistakes they make.

I’ve created a guide I wish I had when starting my design career. It prepares you for the interview process, answers the most common questions, and prevents you from making typical mistakes. This program synthesises the best strategies I learned from coaching design students, interviewing designers, and my experiences as a candidate.

When you enroll, you’ll get...

Video tutorials and course materials for every Student
Course content

🍪 The bite-sized video tutorials

The course material is divided into short easy-to-consume chunks. Every lesson contains detailed step-by-step instructions that help you implement the new knowledge.


✅ Summaries and Checklists

Every lesson contains written summary and resources to empower you to take action immediately. You will be able to use provided templates and task checklists to make immediate progress.

Figma template

Customisable Figma template

You don’t have to start with blank canvas. We’ve prepared a customisable Figma template for your portfolio home page and case studies. You can adjust it to suit your needs and personal brand.

Webflow template

No-code Webflow template

Build your fully functional, interactive and responsive website using the customisable template we’ve prepared. You don’t need any previous Webflow or coding experience.

Case study

✏️ Case Study Structure Guide

Make sure you’ve included everything that’s needed in your portfolio. Follow the detailed step-by-step case study guide to create professional case studies with just enough content and context.

Design brief generator

🤖 Design Brief Generator

Do you need more projects to reach the optimal 3-5 case studies count? No problem. Use our design brief generator to create an original design prompt for your next portfolio project.

Create your outstanding UX portfolio

Join the course today and build your most valuable 💎 design asset
  • Lifetime access to the course plus all future updates
  • 50+ video tutorials
  • Outstanding portfolio and case study checklist
  • Outstanding Case Study Structure Guide
  • Customisable Figma template for your portfolio and case studies
  • No-code Webflow template
  • Design Brief Generator
  • No prior Webflow or Figma experience is required.
Outstanding UX Portfolio Sprint

🏷 one-time payment

320 EUR

Price will be converted to your currency

No subscriptions, no hidden fees

Outstanding UX Portfolio Sprint

🏷 one-time payment

320 EUR

Price will be converted to your currency.

No subscriptions, no hidden fees.

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