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Created for Product (UX) Designers

Skills, Portfolio, Interviews 🤩

Skills, Portfolio, Interviews

Unlock your design career potential with Outdraw Academy’s products, masterclasses and job preparation courses
Created by Outdraw Design

3 focus areas

During the design hiring process there are three pillars that matter the most:

💎 Skills

Strategically developed core and complementary skills are a key to attracting opportunities and becoming irreplaceable.

🎨 Portfolio

Telling the engaging story behind your work with the right amount of context and details.

💁 Interviews

Ability to communicate your value and why you’re going to be a great addition to their team.

Our courses

Set yourself up for success during the recruitment process. Learn at your own pace and get support from our mentors and community.
Portfolio Masterclass

Free 5-day Portfolio Masterclass

  • Optimise your Product Design (UX) Portfolio for hiring managers
  • Project inventory, goals, design process, text & structure, mockups & visuals
UX Job Interview Sprint

Product Design (UX) Job Interview Sprint

  • Guide to types of interviews
  • Example answers to common questions
  • Questions YOU should ask your future employer
Outstanding Portfolio Sprint

Outstanding UX Portfolio Sprint

  • Create your first UX Portfolio from scratch
  • Use our Figma and Webflow templates to speed up the process
  • Launch your portfolio in 7 days
Sketching Interfaces

Sketching Interfaces

  • Study base elements of interfaces
  • Use cases: websites, apps, flows and UI animations
  • Various mediums: from paper to digital
  • Use our Figma library to speed up your workflow

1on1 Mentoring

Work directly with Alicja to receive personalised guidance and achieve your professional goals.


Perfect for those who want to receive individualised attention and provide you with guidance and support you need to achieve success.


We will focus on identifying your specific goals and creating a plan that is tailored to your unique needs and objectives.


We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Portfolio review

Portfolio review

  • 1on1 session where you’ll gain insight into a hiring manager's perspective
  • Detailed feedback about your portfolio as a whole and each case study
  • A checklist of items to improve after the session
  • We will record the review so you can come back to any time you need
Coaching session

Coaching session

The focus of this session depends 100% on you. Here are some example topics we can cover:
  • Set your career development goals and receive guidance on how to achieve them
  • Learn about best practices and techniques for Product Design craft
  • Get feedback about your current projects and portfolio

Mock interviews

1on1 sessions with Alicja that will help you experience the recruitment process in a safe environment and get feedback about your answers.
30 min + 20 min feedback

💁 Hiring manager screen

  • Introduce yourself and determine why you’re a good fit for this role
  • Build a relationship with your future manager
  • Talk briefly about your work, achievements and aspirations
40 min + 20 min feedback

🎨 Portfolio presentation

  • Present one of your case studies
  • Answer follow-up questions about the project and your decisions
  • Talk about the goals and collaboration with your team
30 min + 20 min feedback

💻 Technical interview

  • Introduce yourself and determine why you’re a good fit for this role
  • Build a relationship with your future manager
  • Talk briefly about your work, achievements and aspirations
You can reschedule your session up to 48h before the call

About your host

Learn directly from my experiences as a mentor and hiring team member
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Hi, I’m Alicja!

I’m a Product Designer with over 8 years of experience supporting multimillion-dollar SaaS companies in delivering top industry products to their customers. I’ve mentored 100s of students of design bootcamps like DesignLab, CareerFoundry and CodersLab. I’m a founder of Outdraw Design, Outdraw Academy, and Design Debt 101.

Over my career, I had a chance to get to know the design recruitment process as a candidate, as a mentor and as a hiring team member. I’m proud to say that I’ve prepared 100s of design students for their job search, reviewed over 1000 portfolios and interviewed 100s of candidates from different disciplines.

As a result from working with design candidates from all levels, I’ve discovered what holds them back and what are the typical mistakes they make.

I’ve created a guide I wish I had when starting my design career. It prepares you for the interview process, answers the most common questions, and prevents you from making typical mistakes. This program synthesises the best strategies I learned from coaching design students, interviewing designers, and my experiences as a candidate.

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